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Vascular & Interventional Cardiology
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Patient Information & Forms

We welcome the opportunityto earn your trust and deliver you the best possible patient care!

New Patients

New patients should have the follow:
  • Government issued I.D. such as a drivers license
  • Health insurance cards and any related information.
  • List of current medications.
  • Information of Doctors you'd like Dr. Shahab to correspond with 
  • Medical records that you want to review with the doctor.
  • Print out the Demographic and Privacy notice sheets below and bring them filled out the day of the appointment.

Helpful Forms for Patients

Demographics and Privacy notice:
Demographics form that all new patients fillout durring their first visit and a copy of the privacy notice. *Both forms have spaces for signatures and dates.

Medication list:
A downloadable printout to help keep track of current medications.

Blood Pressure Log:
A downloadable printout to help track your blood pressure throughout the days.

Physicians List:
A downloadable printout of all the doctors you'd like Dr. Shahab to stay in contact with.

Privacy Notice
Medication List
​BP Log
Physician list